About me, Amy

The woman in this picture is me, Amy.

(Also pictured: My husband and a bronze statue of Chef Boyardee.)

After being told “You should write about that!” more times than I can count, I decided I probably should. And so in 2013, I crafted this magnificent blog and managed to amass a small (but inherently loyal) following. Also, I vowed to make writing my primary focus in life. Forever.

In 2015, I took a long break from writing to take care of personal stuff and whatnot.

In 2016, I reopened the blog, convinced I could bring writing to the forefront of my existence once and for all.

I did not.

And now it’s 2017 and I’m re-reopening the blog. Again. This is it, you guys. This is it. Adult responsibilities, be damned! There are plenty of people out there who make a living writing comic books, or t.v. shows about zombies, or posting youtube videos from their moms’ basements, or podcasting their hearts out on whatever topic they please. I see no reason I can’t join their ranks. I see many reasons, however, as to why I won’t ever join the upper echelon of small-to-mid level corporate middle management.

In previous installations, this blog centered mostly on the unique challenges I face in life. In this installation, (This is it, guys. This is it.) I’m less interested in ruminating on challenges and more interested in just speaking my mind in general. Naturally, the aforementioned challenges will work their way into my thoughts, and of course I reserve the right to bemoan them at my any whim, but I’m not quite as set the concept of a theme these days. Especially a theme that says, Here are some thoughts on this topic, as stated from the viewpoint of a person with issues. I kind of just want to state my thoughts as a person. Period.

I just want to write about stuff, and hopefully, be heard. And also be famous and make a lot of money.